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We are in the business of improving your business

We build custom software, websites and mobile applications for businesses. Our sole focus is to maximize the potential of your business through our solutions. This can range anywhere from simplifying your day to day operations to designing a new corporate website.

We love software and we are experts in using its power to make a positive impact on businesses.

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Why NeuStack?

Why you should bring us in for your next project


Since we always have the success of your business in mind, we work according to the priorities that you set. After we evaluate the work to be done, we will provide you with a schedule of what we will be working on and when it will be completed.


We will make sure that you are absolutely satisfied with what we deliver. Testing is one of the most important parts in all of our projects. We perform several tests on our applications in order to minimize the possibilities of downtime during production.


Our team has over ten years of experience in software specifically geared towards businesses. We have delivered solutions through software to many different types of organizations which have impacted their business strategy positively.

Test Drive

After gathering some basic information about your project, we will build a prototype for you to give you a chance to review our work. After receiving this prototype, you can choose to continue, request modifications, or cancel further development.


Every project we complete for you comes with a support package included at no extra cost. This package will ensure that you get the necessary support for a reasonable amount of time after delivery or installation.

Budget Safe

We strive to offer the best value for your money. Since you control which features are to be implemented, we can provide you with a very accurate estimate of the final cost. This allows you to work within your budget.

Our Services

Here's what we offer you

Web Apps

We can build custom web applications that fit your business rules and not the other way around. Our applications are built to save your business money through increasing internal efficiencies and productivity.

Corporate Website

Your corporate website represents the image of your company in today’s marketplace. We can create a modern website for your business that meets today's standards to ensure a good first impression on any of your visitors.


Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important aspects of online marketing and effective website traffic. All of the websites that we build are optimized for search engines and we can also help you with optimizing your existing website.

Website Analytics

We can analyze your website traffic to identify missed opportunities and assess your website's efficiency. If we find any problems, we will provide advice on how to solve them or do the work ourselves if it is necessary.

Mobile Development

These days mobile comes first. We can help you design and implement your next iOS, Android or mobile web app. We can also optimize your current website to be mobile friendly.

Support & Maintenance

We provide support and maintenance for those software implementations that you cannot support in-house. We can provide support directly to your employees so that your IT team can focus on other initiatives.


Manual tasks are time consuming and error prone. Most of the times, these tasks can be performed by a computer with little or no human interaction. We can document your existing process and automate it so that your employees can focus on other work.

Software Renovation

Applications built in deprecated technologies are hard to support and maintain. We can rebuild your outdated software application using the latest technologies so you can continue to use it for many years to come.


We provide expert advice on how to design and implement most software projects. Because we keep ourselves up to date in the software industry, you can rest assured that we will help your implementation follow current industry standards.

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